HRA Statement on Proposed Gas Tax Hike

HRA statement on proposed gas tax hike
Date Issued: Sunday, December 8, 2013
CONTACT: Pam Tucker – 603-531-0085

House Republican Alliance defends Families

CONCORD – The House Republican Alliance (HRA) today issued at statement on the proposed increase in the gas tax.

Last week a group in the state house came out in support of a proposed “indexed gas tax” that would allow the gas tax to continue to rise year after year with “zero legislative over-site”.

“There is no reason to raise a tax when New Hampshire has an adequate revenue stream,” Rep. JR Hoell- Dunbarton stated. “The issue regarding lack of funds to maintain our infrastructure is not a funding issue, nor even an inadequate revenue stream, the issue is the continued looting from this dedicated fund.”

“Increasing this tax will only hurt the families that need our help the most. This added tax burden during the winter will only force our most at risk citizens to cut back on other necessities like food and heat,” Rep. Pamela Tucker- Greenland states. “Before we start asking for more money we need to quit wasting almost 30% of the budget on functions prohibited by our constitution. The path forward is clear, rein in the abuse of this dedicated fund and start repairing the roads.”

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