About JR

JR Hoell is the founder and CEO of an engineering consulting company located in the Manchester millyard buildings. Prior to starting the firm, Hoell served eight years in the New Hampshire House of Representatives and was known for fighting to protect taxpayers and the Constitutional rights of citizens.

In 2009 JR was asked to join the NHFC board and is currently the longest continually serving board member on the board.  He has been active protecting the rights of law-abiding citizens for over the last decade. Hoell has been the Secretary for the NH Firearms Coalition for the past 12 years working to protect the right to bear arms.

In 2011-2012, Hoell with five others co-founded the Natural Rights Caucus, and during the 2017-2018 term, Hoell co-founded the NH House Freedom Caucus. Both groups helped advance liberty through internal legislative political action.

In 2020, Hoell also co-founded ReBuildNH, a group leading the fight to end the State of Emergency shutdowns and arbitrary actions of government during the Covid-19 episode. The group is still actively fighting with the NH House Freedom Caucus to advance emergency powers reforms and health freedom laws to protect the rights of citizens and businesses. 

Hoell is happily married to Charlene, and they share four children and have a dog named liberty.  Charlene and JR have home-schooled their children from kindergarten through graduation.  Two have graduated college with high honors, one is a senior in high school taking college courses and one just entering high school.

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