Rep. JR Hoell on Choice Fight

Our Turn: School choice matters, so drop Croydon lawsuit
By Rep. Greg Hill, Rep. JR Hoell and Michael Balboni
Published in the Concord Monitor on Thursday, December 3, 2015

New Hampshire parents want the best for their children, and that includes a great K-12 education.

The state’s public schools provide a conducive learning environment for most of its children, but for some children, the local school does not meet educational needs. They are at increased risk of falling behind or, worse, not graduating high school.

For these children, an alternative learning environment is necessary. For some with special needs, this means taxpayer-funded placement in a private school designed to provide an appropriate learning environment structured to best meet the child’s physical and educational needs. For others, a nearby chartered public school provides the learning environment best suited for the child. And for some, school districts wanting the best for their children have contracted with private schools. Coe-Brown and Pinkerton Academy are examples where public funds pay tuition for students attending these schools.

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